More Investment, Better Prospects in Canada!

With the global economy on the rise again, the immigration sector is all set to boom again. Similar to other countries, Canada intends to welcome a pool of around two hundred and sixty five thousand immigrants. Attracting highly skilled immigrants from other developing nations to contribute to the economy of Canada has been a key feature. The country also considers its immigrant population as its asset that has led the country to its current heights.

In spite of recession, the government is keen to attract as many foreign investors as possible who have the right skills, knowledge and attitude apart from having access to the market segments outside Canada 加拿大移民申請. With extensive promotions and campaigns being implemented by the government, this rate has come up to ten percent of the total immigrant population.

Additionally, the Canadian High Commission has offices in various embassies abroad that specifically cater to these high end business investors and entrepreneurs. There are a few countries that are being eyed for investors. These include France, the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Syria and South Korea.The business visa programs under the Federal category consist of three different categories. These are.

All the applicants or the investors must have an impressive background in business.hey should have minimum net assets of C$800,000.They should be willing be invest an amount of C$400,000 in Canada. In other words, the entrepreneur has to give a loan that is free of any form of interest to the Canadian government, for a period of five years.For the entrepreneurs’ category, the following are the key factors:

He has to declare or testify in the presence of a visa official that after becoming a permanent resident in Canada; he would spend a minimum of a year of the first three consecutive years participating and controlling the business. He must control at least one third of the entire business.

All the applicants are permitted to bring their immediate family members that are spouse and children. No separate applications have to be filed for the dependents as they can be included in the same visa application submitted by the applicant.Apart from the above, the province of Quebec which is dominant by the French speaking population has its own set of criteria for each of its immigration programs. In order to be eligible and apply for the same, an applicant must have excellent French language skills.

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